For men, the Female Orgasm is often perceived to be a mystery with the endless stigma around it.

Women can get themselves going just fine; unfortunately, many have the awareness that they can. With a study showing that over 75% of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone, it is evident that intercourse is primarily catered to and is portrayed to benefit men. For a lack of knowledge about the female genitalia or lack of technique, couples often break their heads about what they might be doing wrong. Some women even end up feeling they are incapable of having an orgasm. These thoughts arise anxiety and confusion that can wither any excitement away from the act. This is where sex toys come into the picture. They are an excellent aid to help one pleasure themselves or to use with a partner. One such sex toy is the rabbit vibrator that you can find on ; its ability to provide intense dual stimulation helps decode the female orgasm like it’s a no-brainer. In other words, why go down the rabbit hole when the rabbit can go down your hole! 


In this article, we will deep dive into the world of rabbit vibrators like these found here and find out why it is so popular among women. Does it have super powers? Can it talk? 


Read on to find out.

What are Rabbit Vibrators?

The Vibrating Rabbit has a legacy of its own; the first rabbit vibrator came about in 1983, manufactured by renowned sex toy manufacturer Vibratex in California. So why is it called a rabbit vibrator? Well back in the day, Japan’s obscenity laws had still not gotten around to acknowledging sex toys in their true nature, so these vibrators had to be brightly colored and in animal shapes for them to get a pass. Hence, the name.


 The rabbit vibrator is truly a miracle. Putting sex toys belonging to its category to shame, this device multi-tasks with ease, providing a solution to your insatiable appetite by not only stimulating both the G-spot and the clitoris but by causing vibrations so transcendent that it even makes waves in the Vulva, Labia, Nipples, Anus and so many other erogenous zones you did not know existed!


The insertable shaft goes inside the vagina, meeting the G spot to fulfill its role of stimulating it. In contrast, the external shaft caresses the clitoris, leading to your body and mind singing harmoniously. 


 The Top 5 Rabbit Vibrators For You

The vibrating rabbit comes in different forms and with a variety of features. With a vast horizon of options to choose from, we have gone through a handful of quality blog posts and articles to narrow down the list so you can explore the unmatched potential of the best of this device.

1) The Lelo Soraya 2

This gem of a vibrator tops every list of favorites regarding vibrators, giving up to 4 hours of relentless pleasure per charge; this rabbit vibrator is 100% waterproof with the external shaft attached at a 27-degree angle to bring reformed optimal pleasure. This baby comes with 12 pleasure settings and is the epitome of when technology meets sex. A must add to your sex toy wishlist if you have one, and if you do not, what are you still doing?


2) Lelo Ina Wave 2 

This user-friendly device opens the portal to pleasure, mimicking fingering stimulations with its rise and fall wave motions. This vibrator too has 12 pleasure settings and is 100% waterproof just like its friends but does compromise on the battery life, giving up to 2 hours of action with each charge which is still impressive, just not on the same level as the Lelo Soraya 2. However, it still does not get this toy off the radar since it’s a whopping $30 less than the Lelo Soraya 2.


3) Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit

Rotating balls and the three-speed levels inside the shaft provide extra stimulation.

Moreover, the rabbit ears have three speeds and seven vibration patterns to give you the orgasms of your dreams. It’s affordable, water-friendly, and easy to maintain as well. 


4) We-Vibe Nova 2 

This vibrator speaks for itself; it’s a whole vibe, idealistic for both solo and couple play.

It has up to ten vibration modes, comes with its app, and is USB rechargeable. It is made from body-safe 100% premium silicone; it’s one of the quieter ones, leaving you the one making all the noise. 


5) Satisfyer Magic Bunny

A compact rabbit that’ll leave you seeing stars. It has a whopping twelve vibration programs, giving you control to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. One of the commendable features is having the handle to clutch onto just how you like it to fulfill those late-night solo rides.

Thinking of amazing orgasms? Try these insane rabbit vibrators.

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